The Darjeeling connection..

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It all started in 2005 in Hangzhou when I accidentally said “it is your tea which I am bringing back to you after 175 years” and my translator’s booming voice made everybody take notice of it in the buyer-seller meet and the sentence kept circulating in many people’s mind including mine too. Vincent Ng of […]

Great wall.. ๐Ÿ˜€

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If you were to walk from Siliguri to Beijing you have to cross the blue mountains somewhere and I have a chartered course in my mind thru Lahsa but then tea comes to mind first which connected Darjeeling with Wuyishan and Robert Fortune comes alive. Now we have to compare lapsang souchong and Darjeeling and […]

Telling stories…

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Tea migrated to places taking its own culture with it on its rout and documentation of this is a big project in itself as the time span is big – it is said about 5000 years of history is clear – some documented and other not but well established by the findings of tea wares […]

Creating trust..

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On 7th & 8th September 2018 we conducted fifth India Tea Forum in Siliguri on CII platform and our theme was to salvage the tea industry, which is passing thru a very important phase of rearrangement, by better presentation and marketing for which we had a large gathering of participants from across the country. Small […]

Shining star… ๐ŸŒŸ

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Getting recognised on your home turf is an lifetime achievement award because the people watching are the ones with whom you grew and the people selecting you are the ones who knew you and the people rewarding you are the ones who loved you. Prabhat Khabar is a hughly circulated vernacular regional newspaper of our […]


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Giddapahar brought us the laurels we deserve to pick and choose the best ones what we don’t produce but trade to please the consumer’s pallet. And of course the best place for this can be Paris only – Athena Minami and Chaminda made up for me and I was a distant invader.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Barbara Duffrene […]

Tea is love…

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It was not until China Radio covered us for a short documentary, we realised the love in our family ran on tea lines. My wife Manisha, my daughter Neha and my son Vivek – all work in tea – either running Doke or making or selling tea – we live tea and it is deeply […]

My roots..

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My roots…in 1714 our landlord family shifted from Mahindragarh, Haryana to Farukhabad in Uttar Pradesh, when this city was built by Mugal rulers and later on during great plague of 1851 moved to Chandausi in the district of Moradabad in present Uttar Pradesh. I was born here in Chandausi in 1953 December and got educated […]


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Nigel says and I second : I have never seen World Tea Expo as a trade show for selling “at the show”. It’s strength for the specialty tea movement has been and is as an educational tool and networking opportunity for a new community that is otherwise thinly spread across the globe. I have attended […]