Tea in Italy…

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Stephano & Luca started a magazine called Fogli and dream of planting tea in Italy. As usual my fate brought me there and the collection of seeds made us meet and this led to the link in their second issue in the magazine. Now I know this will lead to a visit to see the plants as […]

Lochan Japan…

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Chitoshe Sashida took up the mantle upon herself to form Lochan Japan and after first knowing Miura San of Mitsui Norin in 1985 it became a long journey to reach today where I stood on this platform to receive this Gold award from Shizuoka prefecture governor during 2016 O-Cha festival on Diwali day and it […]

Australian tea masters..

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To train the masters you need a master and that is where Shrayan Johnson excells at. Coming out of nowhere almost from the land which didn’t see tea till recently or even drank it regularly,  she is risen as a new star on the horizon of tea education worldwide and the Tea Master’s Cup is […]

Doke in China…

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It is a dream of every tea person to evolve a tea and establish it among the consumers and in my case it is Doke which made me sit up and realise that it is it’s sweetness which makes people like it who are little distanced to Indian teas because of their astringency be it […]

Rose Sania Wang

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Some people come in your life purely by destiny and Rose is one. It was just few days before tsunami that we met in Chiba and were to visit Mt. Fuji on the diaster day when some miscommunication made me change my plan and I arrived Hangzhou one day too earlier to get a call […]


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A name carries a thousand values and they need to be defined clearly – sometimes good and sometimes bad. Namhah – a start-up like many others has a strong team made up of Tamas Leidal and others from across the globe to present teas from Doke and Rungneet from us. Now it is up to us as to what to present there and […]

Babette Donaldson…

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World Tea Expo gave me many good friends and Babette is one such person so deeply involved with tea. I remember Louise Roberg of Canadian Tea Association said in International Tea Forum 2015 in Wuhan that tea stories should be included in children’s education curriculum so as to inculcate the importance of this world’s healthiest […]

Behind the scenes..

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There is so much which is NOT written about tea and has to be rummaged thru with perseverance like gold prospecting from the mountains of word of mouth knowledge and information floating around in the form of stories and folklore and that is where AC Cargill is unrelentingly working for the cause of tea in close engagement […]

Geoffrey Norman….

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I always used another shirt to meet this guy whose yell Rajiiiiiiiiiv still rings in my ears although it was few years ago. My ardent supporter and motivator he wrote so much for us and did a Bourbon experiment with Doke black fusion which I am going to built upon as I read this corn based whisky […]