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Some people give you more value than others and Phil Holman is one such person whose passion for tea is beyond a point where you tend to give him more then you can. We have been on the Internet around ten years together and Godaddy is our introducer in this fathomless tea world of annual four billion […]

Lochan Japan..

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Chitoshe Sashida san from Tokyo met me first in Foodex 2011 – a year after tsunami when the talk of radiation were going strong – and that trip blossomed into a friendship strong enough to get converted into establishment of Lochan Japan in 2016 which resulted in a gold medal in O-Cha festival competition and launch of […]


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Elyse Peterson crystalized the concept of a small tea grower as a tea maker also at Obubu tea farm in Wazuka near Kyoto in Japan in my mind when I visited Japan on the invitation of Matsu San of International Tea Farm Alliance in March 2011 whence the idea of a tea to be made […]

Tea blossom….

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Carol or Lin Zhi Lam from Hong Kong and acquainted to me in Beijing, brought me to Prof. Xu who invented, isolated, derivated tea flowers into many uses which were patented world wide and I corroborate with them to use Darjeeling components into beverage having extraordinary flavours and the work is going on…

The man who taught me so much..

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Dan Robertson added value to my brain which was so limited to a knowledge that plucking leaf and making them disappear in the drying machine is the act of tea and beyond that is a big —- but when I saw the tea culture thru his eyes the whole paradigm changed and I was in […]

My discourse with China…

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Xiao Juan of Beijing met me in 2004 and then we never looked back – it has been a long relationship with innumerable visits to each other’s countries as well as business, travel, culture, education, training, guidance etc etc to verious companies, embassies, institutions, universities, research stations etc etc all over China and India….

another Dan..

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Dan Bolton has kick-started his “The Tea Journey” magazine during World Tea Expo 2016 June in Las Vegas which is an ultimate online source of information on every walk of tea like cultivation, consumption, marketing, advertisement, statistics, research, education, culture, history, science and health benefits..

A bridge of tea..

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It was China which had tea initially and the debate carries on how it spread worldwide and after traveling far and wide for business I feel it is most appropriate way of spreading the message of tea by presenting ceremonies in diverse ways. Recently our government did a India China culture week with yoga as […]

Story of a leaf..

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Prof Wang Xufeng of Zhejiang Agricultural & Forestry University, Hangzhou, author of her tea culture book winning highest Chinese literary Mao Dun prize and filmed into a 300 minutes CCTV documentary has put me into the orbit of international college education and we have done three events at Hangzhou, Delhi and Wenzhou in last two […]