Frontiers of tea 🍡

Serving Society with Superior Quality Products

Frontiers of tea 🍡

Winning many awards and medals in Japan, China, Australia, Paris and now in London πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ we are feeling so elated.


On 26th October 2023 we got this recognition after 25 years of growing tea in Bihar since 1998 when it was declared a non-traditional tea growing area by Tea Board of India and while fighting for economic survival and the solution came out in the shape of developing a unique tea and it’s recognition by consumers – Doke black fusion 🍡 is our flagship now.

An inquisitive mind and a peaceful place are two ingredients required to extract the soul of tea in the best possible way – tea with sweetness and without astringency are termed as good and get their own nomenclature – this has been the trend ever since tea was found useful by humans.

In China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan – the natural habitat of tea – the 30 degree latitude – the home of sweet teas – there are ten thousands types of teas which no one has ever dared to document – and every tea has its own individual name – such is the diversity of tea.

The key to success is to pluck fine and make good teas which need better marketing techniques – our auction system forced us to stick to bulk operations which made us inactive on marketing front. We have to switch to next level sooner or later and succeed. Easier said then done but my own experience after working in Darjeeling and doing exports makes me more confident in attaining this.

Jane Pettigrew when published her book “World of Tea” documented Bihar tea and we had an opportunity to get Kishanganj district included which was getting planted with tea at that time. Afforts pay and we have to keep our eyes open. We have to develop our teas and market them.

This is just the beginning – we are working on many ideas – let’s keep our fingers crossed 🀞

These awards makes us responsible towards tea and society – on hand we have a job to inculcate tea culture in children 🍡β™₯️ which is also a solution to tea consumption trends and a healthy growth of tea industry as tea itself is the healthiest beverage on this planet earth.

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  1. Kpskeshri says:

    My good wishes to you. I am truly amazed to see your passion. It’s nice to see someone holding the flag of the state and keeping it high.
    I look forward to visit your area in near future.

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