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rajivlochan – Rajiv Lochan

Author: rajivlochan

Serving Society with Superior Quality Products


1748 Md. Murtaza, Governor of 10th Mugal Emperor Farrukhsiyar, established a trading post for sugar, jute & ghee and named it after his beautiful wife Chand and surrounded it with a moat with twelve gate – one of them ours Farukhabad darwaza. Our family of Lalji Mal Farukhabadi moved here in 1850s from Kampla to…
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Pusa is a sleepy village in the Darbhanga – Muzaffarpur – Samastipur triangle of swampy flood-pane of Kosi in Bihar where Gandak river has a horse-shoe course around it which let water table much higher than the surrounding areas resulting in far greener pasture. In 1708 a stud farm was established here by invading Mugal…
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Jason – the man going to grow tea on moon

Stars in the eyes and springs in his feet Jason McDonald, who is a direct descendent of Daniel O. Boone and a honorary Colonel, is going to grow tea all over America and I plan to join him in planting tea on the moon in the later phases of my life when space travel will…
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Everybody has a ultimate resting place at the end of his life and mine is Doke 🦆 Bihar 🍵🌱🌳🦜🍃🇮🇳❤️💦 It was in 1998 when Bihar government invited entrepreneurs to start tea plantations to take care of human migration from the parched lands of Purvanchal or far north-east corner adjoining Nepal and Bengal on its Northern…
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Kamala Devi Gupta, my mother, passed away on 30th October 2021, few days before her 88th birthday – for us an unbearable loss🙏 Everybody says I was her favourite sibling but reality is she was everybody’s favourite elder and infact she was one. Her father adored her very well and she being eldest among her…
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Blue eyes

My maternal grandfather Dr. Sridhar Gurudayalji Vatsalya was born in 1903 and he passed as a medical doctor in 1929 from National Medical College, Bombay and was invited to join WW2 in 1942. It was not normal for a boy who hailed from a backward Raja ka Rampur town of then United Province – his…
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Jainji 😇

The man who speaks fast 😅 A family friend since 1997 we came closer when his coffee table book was released and I did the Thanksgiving part at the end of the function at Montana club at Uttarayan township in Siliguri on 27th March 2021. To sum up a book like this which is a…
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Dinajpur 🌱

God destines you to do something that you don’t have a hint about – I was going to be associated with a large correction in Indian tea scenario – to plant tea in non-tradional tea growing areas – which swelled to its doom but our zoom to fame. It was 1989 when many tea companies…
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One fine Sunday…

One fine Sunday morning back in 1973, someone asked me “Will you join tea?” – I almost fell down from a tree as I didn’t know where tea is grown and rather I was furious at the thought because I thought I was educated enough not to work in a tea shop ♥️🤭🦆🌹 1973年一个静好的周日清晨,有人问我,“你愿意从事茶行业么?” 听完我几乎要从树上摔了下来,因为我当时都不知道茶是怎么种出来的。而且让我恼火的是,作为一个受过良好教育的人,我有足够的理由不去一间茶叶店工作❤🤭🦆🌹…
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We are honoured ♥️

Siliguri is world’s biggest tea centre handling one billion kilos of tea per annum and Tea Board of India is the government body monitoring it’s function. On 8th February 2020 in an inaugural function Chairman made above observation – “we are proud of you”. In 2016 in Shizouka inaugural ceremony we were awarded a Gold…
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