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Bengal Bihar Nepal Junction

Raj Basu lead me to this title which aptly describe Doke location though it can be Galgalia too where roads from all three above locations met on two banks of Mechi and the whole geography was in a flux – Mughals were not really interested in these boundaries where there was nothing much to loot…
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Frontiers of tea 🍵

Winning many awards and medals in Japan, China, Australia, Paris and now in London 🇬🇧 we are feeling so elated.


Since times immemorial wanderers roamed the lands in the garb of monks to find peace in search of Gods. This knowledge was written by intelligent beings and documented in monestries for preservation and was attributed to men of higher intelligence. Gutian Li asked me to join Wu Zu tea ceremony at an ancient monestry in…
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Chitose Sashida 🇯🇵

Starting 2011 when we met in Foodex Japan we have been carrying the cross of Darjeeling and with a moral responsibility towards tea garden workers who have been left to the mercy of free market and overproduction. Nigel predicted the doom as early as 2015 but real damage got apparent in 2020 and now it…
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Flavour profiles of Darjeeling 🇮🇳🍵

Giddapahar, Thurbo, Jungpana, Soureni, Puttabong  are but a few gardens among 87 listed estates in Darjeeling commited to make quality teas – rest adhere to quantity to survive in the prevailing hostile conditions of excessive supply & demand disbalance. Chitose Sashida of Lochantea Japan 🇯🇵 started documenting pertinent information to guide traders and consumers to…
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1748 Md. Murtaza, Governor of 10th Mugal Emperor Farrukhsiyar, established a trading post for sugar, jute & ghee and named it after his beautiful wife Chand and surrounded it with a moat with twelve gate – one of them ours Farukhabad darwaza. Our family of Lalji Mal Farukhabadi moved here in 1850s from Kampla to…
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Pusa is a sleepy village in the Darbhanga – Muzaffarpur – Samastipur triangle of swampy flood-pane of Kosi in Bihar where Gandak river has a horse-shoe course around it which let water table much higher than the surrounding areas resulting in far greener pasture. In 1708 a stud farm was established here by invading Mugal…
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Jason – the man going to grow tea on moon

Stars in the eyes and springs in his feet Jason McDonald, who is a direct descendent of Daniel O. Boone and a honorary Colonel, is going to grow tea all over America and I plan to join him in planting tea on the moon in the later phases of my life when space travel will…
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Everybody has a ultimate resting place at the end of his life and mine is Doke 🦆 Bihar 🍵🌱🌳🦜🍃🇮🇳❤️💦 It was in 1998 when Bihar government invited entrepreneurs to start tea plantations to take care of human migration from the parched lands of Purvanchal or far north-east corner adjoining Nepal and Bengal on its Northern…
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