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As a family cycle the batton has to be passed and in my case it proved to be easy because the family grew togather. My three kids got early education in schools in our vicinity only making the bond stronger.

My elder daughter Mayuri later settled in Oslo since 2002 after higher education in America and is happily raising her family there now with kids getting educated in local schools. Her husband Torgier Sundgot and kids Indira & Tor satellite around Norway and it is happy go lucky story. God bless them.

My second daughter Neha and my son Vivek stayed back to carry on the business and experimenting with life around us here in North Bengal which is so rich in agricultural diversity.

And when it grows family needs additions and Shikha got inducted in the family in 2018 as bride of Vivek from upcountry Morena which is a central Indian town growing mustard.

With tea in our veins we are trying to add coffee and chicory to our business and as a providence we banged into indigo too on our last trip to mountains as driving being Vicky’s hobby which keeps family fresh and updated.

Our family farm at Doke in nearby Bihar gives us a training ground and fresh air to the lungs much needed to take away modern civilization’s dust and we as family loiter there often to enjoy and grow.

To fuel the economy of home we do some business at home and it is masterminded from our central office in Siliguri which is also a pleasure to be in as it is full of material which is worth studying both by it’s workers and visitors.

Life have been a passion to live and experiment with tea – lucky are those who enjoy their work and my wife Manisha epitomised that in these last 40 long years. My innings have been great and a truthful living had paid rich dividends.

My father instilled education in me and I was lucky to get interns from foreign business schools from all over the world ever since 2000 – majority being from France. Doke became our school to provide them necessary training.

Born in tea my life became that of a teacher and spoke to tea in different ways that of a divine connection which was bestowed upon me by God as a reward.

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  1. धन्यवाद ! बहुत ज्ञानवर्धक और उत्साह और उल्लास बढाने बाला और शूक्ष्मरूप से प्रेरणादायी 50 वर्षों की जीवनीशक्ति और भावनाओं से परिपूर्ण और प्रफुल्लित करने योग्य एक जीवन्त सामूहिक , पारिवारिक और व्यपारिक जीवन वृतांन्त है जिसे पढ कर हम अपने जीवन को सुखी , समृद्ध और अधिक उन्नत वनाने में कामयाब हो सकते हैं !

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