A tea home…

Serving Society with Superior Quality Products

A tea home…

We provide a package deeply immersed in tea – live, travel, discuss & enjoy – for a reasonable mutually agreed consideration. We arrived at this decision to offer these services after a long interval of ten years when we have entertained hundreds of students, interns, tourists, vendors and our business partners – who enjoyed our services, knowledge and connections.

We provide any such needs related to tourism, education, manufacture, blending and of course business. Possibility of tea garden stay in various locations and study of their teas in the heritage settings with accessibility to attached factories is yet another feature which can be enhanced by able guides.

History and stories are base of any dream – let’s live them. Locational advantages gives flexibility and opportunities to see more and the map here shows the proximity to Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Bihar and Assam leading to tea growing area producing one billion kilos of tea who has two dry ports and eight airports.

We have access to Darjeeling, Nepal & Sikkim teas and carry a large selection and enjoy them, their world and trade – come join it and enjoy it with Lochan family.

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