Motivational speaker

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Motivational speaker

Sometimes you need a face to fill up the blanks and showcase something which is not present…one such time was 89th AGM of TIPA – Terai Indian Planters Association – and outgoing President KK Mintri was looking for a colourful presentation to cheer up the fledgling crowd faced with so many bleak fronts like Labour wages, tea prices, marketing and what not. Lack of time forced him to approach me and I put up a brave front as I was preparing for World Tea Expo presentation and some tea culture lectures in local schools. Result was not bad for a 30 minute stint and I was personally satisfied by the sound of claps and number of appreciation pats on the shoulder.

Yes we need to think differently, Tea Board Secretary Sounderajan agreed and need more exposure in the international events. A clip of recent Enshi event made the jaws to drop as elaborate arrangements shows the serious work and deep planning going into these efforts yielding serious restults.

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