Tea is love…

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Tea is love…

It was not until China Radio covered us for a short documentary, we realised the love in our family ran on tea lines. My wife Manisha, my daughter Neha and my son Vivek – all work in tea – either running Doke or making or selling tea – we live tea and it is deeply simmered in love.

They carefully chose 七夕 (qi xi) or Chinese valentine’s day to sum up the coverage and the meal followed by Indian dancing on Kala Chasma (black goggles) was a hilarious scheme rolling into midnight. But the five day long shoot was so enjoyable because we lived our daily life normally thru it as it flows down our lives like Doke.

Learning tea in China since 2004 and then assimilating it in our lives which meandered thru tea since 1974 gave us a fine coating of love which unknowingly seeped into our system so deeply that we simply scratched on the surface on 17th August and there it was oozing all over our family.

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