Australian tea masters..

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Australian tea masters..

To train the masters you need a master and that is where Shrayan Johnson excells at. Coming out of nowhere almost from the land which didn’t see tea till recently or even drank it regularly,  she is risen as a new star on the horizon of tea education worldwide and the Tea Master’s Cup is emerging as a new standard in the tea culture stage which had the boundaries in the limited area of China, Taiwan and Japan only. Our association is new but the implications are deep as the beard scratching tea producers have to be converted into high wage paying tea performers and that being not an easily achievable task – yet the beginning has been made and boundaries are being redrawn by her jetsetting over the globe.

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  1. Tania Stacey says:

    Hi Rajiv, our land has a history in tea as old as the first arrival of the British more than 200 years. We have had commercial tea plantations since 1884. I have travelled this land for more than 50 years and tea has been the choice of Australian home when welcoming visitors.

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