Doke in China…

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Doke in China…

It is a dream of every tea person to evolve a tea and establish it among the consumers and in my case it is Doke which made me sit up and realise that it is it’s sweetness which makes people like it who are little distanced to Indian teas because of their astringency be it Darjeeling or Assam and with China’s vastness both in numbers of tea as well as consumers it will be my life time achievement if it is established here as another black tea like 九曲红梅 or 金骏眉。

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  1. Sujin Lee says:

    Mr. Rajiv Lochan, I really think your Dock stands out among any Indian teas and has a high chance to gain fame in East Asia as well as in the other parts of the world. Looking forward to working with you soon! Best wishes from London

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