Charter of independence..

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Charter of independence..

On 12th June 2018 in Las Vegas America declared that they will have their own tea thru US league of tea growers and they will evolve a tea culture for that tea – China and India followed suit to help them out with techniques and knowledge. Initially Great Mississippi Tea company will perfect teas suitable to their local markets and also for Japan from surrogate plantations of Hawaii.

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  1. I am so excited to be a part of the US League of tea Growers, and what they represent. We are working on growing tea in Florida and are very excited to have this group and the resources to be able to produce a fine quality tea that we can be proud of. And I am very happy to hear of the support that growing tea in the US is getting on a worldwide level.

  2. ShiV Kumar Saria says:

    Good beginning- count on me as a resource person.

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