Great wall.. 😀

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Great wall.. 😀

If you were to walk from Siliguri to Beijing you have to cross the blue mountains somewhere and I have a chartered course in my mind thru Lahsa but then tea comes to mind first which connected Darjeeling with Wuyishan and Robert Fortune comes alive.

Now we have to compare lapsang souchong and Darjeeling and attributes has to be led to jin Jun Mei for which mind has to run through mazes of flavours and strengths of tea, which came out of the ways of processing in those remote corners of mountains bearing sea winds from Pacific ocean.

It is the human mind which brings out the connections thru human pallet which has to be promoted to instill loyalties in the consumers. Volumes of the data has to be rummaged thru to find the right words to describe the right thoughts.

Let us hope for the best 👍 🌹😘. It seems we have hit a jackpot as the place we visited today is called Gulma and was the gateway to hills and railways made Gulma Station there. To specify the other end we arrive at Great Wall in Beijing.

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