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An Anhui government Qimen event prompted me to a new chapter to out Robert Fortune story connecting Darjeeling with China, which is a fact, but furthering it with newer additional information.

Wuyishan itself has been very active in adopting this with Mr. Jiang of Tong Mu Guan providing so much material to whatever Robert Fortune’s diaries says. But we have to add now.

Our team has been researching Sung Lo county but it is Anhui University’s tea department which has to come up with more information and facts to promote and compare Qimen since quantity needs deeper stories to prop up a product.

Da Bei mountains has been growing teas since last 1200 years and some of its varietals has been identified to be present in Darjeeling but a DNA mapping will establish facts conclusively.

Culture plays deeper role in promotion of any tea and our reaches into them will lead to many new finding which will add new dimensions to what we have been doing so far.

If Wuyishan was 大叶 big leaf Assam then Huangshan is 小叶 small leaf China in the context of Darjeeling 大吉岭 and we must take this in stride while manufacturing teas in this Himalayan area be it Sikkim or Nepal too.

Doke is the surrogate tea grown on Indian soil from the seed brought from China by Robert Fortune and likes of many such inclusive of rats which carried them for food in their lards and they accidentally grew due to wrong storage and spread slowly over nucleus tea growing area of Yunnan.

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