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Finally we are here and enjoying it. Like any other opportunity Japan too had an introduction which lasted from 2000 when VH Toorabally enquired about some supplies and they themselves having deep roots in Japan since 1930s we too look forward to a long connection – here Chitose Sashida being the lead with her budding daughter Sakura. We three are a good team. Like any other proposition it should not be a single dimension thing and we are into all the activities related to tea – growing, processing, marketing and it’s culture.

Dan Robertson played a role which was akin to his support in China. He always guided me to right people and places. And I went around Shizuoka, Wazuka, Kyoto & Osaka. Rose Sania Wang will always be my mentor in Japan but something happened and I have lost the lead presently.

Without a plan nothing succeeds and Sakura is being trained for future to carry the flag. Keeping the fingers crossed and wishing her all the best. Every market and customer looks for the trust and earning that is a constant endeavour which is a multi-dimensional excercise in itself and probably the most difficult one.

And look Sakura San I have started having siesta on the booth from this year due to your watchful presence there.

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