A new beginning..

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A new beginning..

On 22nd December 2018 Vivek’s marriage with Shikha was solemnized and a new chapter was started at Lochan Tea as it is their own world which will carry it thru the coming times to live their lives responsibly.

When a star is born another disappears to let it shine on its own and I have to let Vicky live in full and free atmosphere while I have to start something afresh to further the cause of tea.

Japan had offered us a new identity and we have to create a face there along with Chitose san – opportunities have to be converted into realities and a commercial regeration has to be set in motion.

Doke has enormous potential which has synergy with Dolly with which she has her own solution and a creation of wealth for herself and others associated with the enterprise.

A story teller’s face has to be lived by me now and it is challenging as it has lot to trail behind. Looking forward for support from my family and friends and business associates to carry my duties which will keep me healthy and engaged. 😀

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  1. Jo says:

    Sending many blessings for all on their new journey

  2. manas.bannerjee@gmail.com says:

    All the best for new journey

  3. Vijai says:

    Wish you all the very best

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