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Kamala Devi Gupta, my mother, passed away on 30th October 2021, few days before her 88th birthday – for us an unbearable loss🙏

Everybody says I was her favourite sibling but reality is she was everybody’s favourite elder and infact she was one. Her father adored her very well and she being eldest among her seven sisters and brothers, helped her mother to raise them – she had extreme leadership qualities. We are very proud of her.

She was cremated in Siliguri where she lived for last 30 year after shifting from North India and her ashes were immersed in Teesta river by her grandsons Gaurav Varshney aka Prince and Vivek Lochan aka Vicky on 1st November 2021.

She was a blessing to us all and left an unflinching faith in us to trust God and stand for the truth.

Her grace was such we are still basking in her glory and feel her blessings around us forever.❤️

Adoring children were always around her – she will be missed by them so much.

A void is created now which we have to fulfill by her memories.

She was our binding force and whatever happened during her lifetime was repaired in her cremation 🙏.

Today we go to Doke 🦆 Bihar 🇮🇳 to get it’s tea blessed with our mother’s ashes 🙏🍃🦜🐦💦☀️🍵🌸

She is everywhere now – mainly in our hearts and minds 🙏❤️ our association of tea traders STTA has honoured us by putting her in their scrolls.

On 28th November the Sunday 2021 Lions Club organised a Food for All event in a nearby settlement in morning – it was nice hearing beaming words there 🙏.

One thing leads to another and we stumbled upon an old disused big house today near the place where we distributed food in mother’s memory, which must have been a trading post on Tituliya corridor which established the British rule in Darjeeling after the Tituliya Treaty. Let’s find out more on this – Patiram, Hatiram & Mahaldhiram Jotes seems to be inter-related parcels of lands cultivating and trading these cash crops and are governed from this house.

This place is Hatiram which is an intermediate station on way to first and second stage bungalows of Pankhabari and Mahaldhiram on way to Darjeeling thru Sonada garrison of Sanchal. These places housed runners, jute, indigo, cinchona and other crop warehouses, armed guards, moneylenders & guest houses.

Next station on this trade route controlled by Maharaja Burdwan was Punkhabari which is good 20 kilometres above Hatiram Jote & Matigara Haat. We stayed here for four years from 1976 to 79 while serving in Longview and our elder daughter Mayuri was born here.

She lived her last 32 years here from 1990 to 2021 and her ashes went down into Indian Ocean thru Teesta to Brahmaputra to Padma to Meghana to Bay of Bengal. Her blessings 🙏 encampasses to us from Himalayas to there in the form of Aaransh, Vivek’s son, her great-grand son ❤️.

Got this from my cousin Guppo – a rare photograph of our brood – centrestage is my grandmother Shanti Devi who was very commanding and we all obeyed to her – my four uncle’s and father who was eldest – my lone bua who is in Hyderabad now but was unmarried at the time of shooting of this photo which must be 1965. Rest are all kids who gathered for my youngest uncle Aditya Gupta’s marriage at that time – but I am missing in this for some unknown reason though I remember having this photoshoot in the family.

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  1. Manoj Kumar says:

    Shat Shat Naman to a noble soul. She was very humble, polite and caring lady. She loves me very much. I pray to almighty God to grant peace to her soul, where ever it is. I also pray God to give strength and courage to all the bereaved family members to bear this huge loss. Om Shanti Om. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Vinay Gupta says:

    A graceful , courageous and loving lady , my mother who was her sister in law always described her love towards her as motherly 🙏

  3. Sunita Vatsal From Fatehgarh U.P. says:

    Very true …mamtamai kermadh both mausa ji n mausi ji loving ever smiling face ..religious God fearing both … in summer Vaccination I was with mom to Loving place Atrauli like aaj kal every thing on Her order came to Direct Home like Amazone service kya Rutwa tha mausa ji or mausi ki kamand on our mausa ji sab kuch LA kr daity mausi ji …daily m sy dono jany puchaty kya logi kya khaugi suit ka kapda ghrr aa gy for choice ..phir k.mausi v m ky liy liy gy phir silly bhi gy..lovely time sweet.memories.naman to BotH

  4. Ruby says:


    जन्म…. जीवन…. मृत्यु….
    प्रकृति के इस शाश्वत नियम – चक्र को
    बदलना हमारे वश में नहीं है, परन्तु आदरणीय कमला बुआ जी द्वारा अपनाए ‘प्रेम सहित ‘ व ‘स्वार्थ रहित’ जीवन- मार्ग पर चलना पूर्णतः हमारे वश में है।
    ईश्वर आदरणीय बुआ जी को अपने श्री चरणों में स्थान दे व हम सब को बुद्धि, विवेक व हिम्मत दे, ताकि पुण्यात्मा का प्रकाश हमेशा प्रकाशित रहे।
    रूबी- सुनील
    6 – 11 – 2021

  5. Shilpi says:

    Mausiji was a very beautiful person both inside outside . Since we spent a long stretch of childhood in Aligarh , Atrauli was like our most frequented place in vacations . As a child , I always found the place very welcoming because of her warmth , love n her giving nature which i cld feel all over her place . Her presence was the light of the house. I hv so many sweet cherishable memories of our childhood with her which I will always treasure . She will always be alive in our hearts and bless us 🙏🏻♥️🌹

  6. Siddhartha Gupta says:

    I have heard a lot from my grandmother about her. I feel so proud that we are the children of such a kind, lovely and grand lady who spreads loveliness, generosity, positivity, moral values among us and make our life blessed…. 🙏🏻💐

  7. Manjoo Bansal says:

    Mummy was an epitome of love and definition of generosity… She has always been loving and caring.. when I think about her, it’s her always smiling face which comes into my mind… Now she has moved to her heavenly abode.. may she always rest in peace ..🙏🙏

  8. Sanjiv Kumar Gupta says:

    I don’t know why I was so much in love with Taiji for last one or two years.
    Her simplicity and involvement in all the family members and family functions impressed me a lot. She would give oops to even youngsters in terms of energy.
    So graceful even in her last days she was made of some special soil.
    Was lucky that she was my roommate last year during Vicky’s marriage , thoroughly enjoyed her company.
    We are blessed we have had her influence on our lives .
    Now she must be giving nice company to our family seniors in heaven . Our loss is their gain.

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