Shining star… 🌟

Serving Society with Superior Quality Products

Shining star… 🌟

Getting recognised on your home turf is an lifetime achievement award because the people watching are the ones with whom you grew and the people selecting you are the ones who knew you and the people rewarding you are the ones who loved you.

Prabhat Khabar is a hughly circulated vernacular regional newspaper of our area with very strong responsible journalism in the hindi heartbelt of India and the team organizing it a very strong one of our Eastern region so the news made me feel that collection of trophies on my table will be complete now only after having many from all over the international tea fraternity and walks of life.

I am thoroughly honoured and the bonus was the recognition of my services in Bihar non-traditional tea growing area which has been taken worldwide thru Jane Pettigrew’s recent book released in Vegas in June 2018 only.

A god sent moment made the Sikkim Governor Sri Ganga Prasad recognise the contribution and he immediately sent word to Bihar government for due cognigence of the efforts being made to strengthen the economy of that area which was hitherto waste criminal land. Let God give us strength to fight the nuisance of the political strife to further strengthen our steps to mitigate the suffering of people who always fought nature to get better returns for their toil.

Japan had offered to help surrogate planting of tea with a full buy back of the produce for their own consumption but a industrial stability is important to implement such delicate ideas on the ground.

Our dedication to the cause deepens more by the social and industrial recognition and we walk with confident steps to achieve our goals.

And at the end of it all comes the family which is the source of it all..and after all we lived tea all of our lives which was more fun than a vocation.. 😀

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