Tea binds.. 

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Tea binds.. 

No one knows when this lost tribe of Wa relocated themselves from most probably South Indian to present day Washan area of Cangyuan County of Lincang prefecture of Yunnan. Their customs, appearance, beliefs and social structures are a subject of great study and their lost language only can draw the historic migration and the reasons behind those moves. I was as usually accidentally in their remote mountain hideout on 28th October 2017 in connection with China Tea Marketing Association conference which made my belief deeper that the Arabian adventures and the seafaring Chola kings have the linkage to this tribe associated to Chengrai kingdom and it is a subject worth studying. 

没有人知道这个失落的部落何时从云南临沧县苍源县的大部分南印度转移到现在的浑源地区。他们的习俗,外表,信仰和社会结构是一个伟大的学习课题,他们失去的语言只能画出历史性的移民和这些举动背后的原因。 2017年10月28日,在中国茶叶协会会议上,我一直不小心在偏远的山地藏身处,使我深信阿拉伯冒险和航海的Chola国王与Chengrai王国相关联的这个部落有联系,题目值得学习。

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