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Charter of independence..

On 12th June 2018 in Las Vegas America declared that they will have their own tea thru US league of tea growers and they will evolve a tea culture for that tea – China and India followed suit to help them out with techniques and knowledge. Initially Great Mississippi Tea company will perfect teas suitable…
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Decision making.. 😀

Until the right minds are together good decisions can’t be made and at Shanghai on 1st June it was an event for tea culture and tea tourism – a step ahead of production and marketing. Wherever healthy industries exist we plan for higher goals which becomes spiral as we are positioning ourself now for food…
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Motivational speaker

Sometimes you need a face to fill up the blanks and showcase something which is not present…one such time was 89th AGM of TIPA – Terai Indian Planters Association – and outgoing President KK Mintri was looking for a colourful presentation to cheer up the fledgling crowd faced with so many bleak fronts like Labour…
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Ferns.. 😀

If you have ferns growing all over your place it sure is organic… 😀. Alexis Kaae from Denmark 🇩🇰 visited Doke today and observed that ferns were growing everywhere all over the place abundetly. That is how you get certified unknowingly 😍.

If there is no alcohol there is no tea too.. 😀

Half of the tea was stolen and planted on the vergin soils of the forests around the globe by white men during seventeen, eighteen and nineteenth centuries and these jungles were infested with mosquitoes, bugs, caterpillars, moths and what nots – all sufficiently poisonous to kill a man if not laced by alcohol of one…
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If you have a story 😉

Doke is part of land of Buddha where once legendary Shravan Kumar rested for night on this river bank with his blind parents whom he used to carry on a shoulder sling. Later a village of potters settled here which is not varified by any historical documents but the presence of pieces of pottery embedded…
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To be part of an elite club one feels contented and happy – I had my share of high and lows associated with such postings. Learning is a continuous process – only degree varies – and at CII it is a pleasure because you are involved with cream of cream nationally as well as internationally.…
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Darjeeling is Darjeeling and there is no explanation as the place is best and the tea is best – 大吉岭

Passing of the batton…

Suddenly you feel the need to vacate the chair and look for a better occupant…it happened today and it was impulsive but timely and I really liked doing it – let it reach the right hands – hands that can hold it tight..


Tea marketing like any other commodity is little different and basically story telling and faces are more important which hide years of experience and achievements. Sharyn Johnston came in our contact only recently in 2015 but we feel we have been working on tea 🍵 since a long time as the beverage is linking people closer..